Who is Alina?

Alina is a Bristol-born singer-songwriter living in Amsterdam. She has always wanted to design and sell clothing, so merchandise felt like the perfect place to begin, combining her love for fashion with her own music.

Will I get my order in time for Christmas?

The sooner you place your order, the sooner your items will arrive. One of the best things you can do is get ahead, but throughout the Christmas season we'll share updates on the shipping deadlines for certain delivery destinations and shipping methods. Order before these dates:

  • UK: 20th December
  • EU: 8th December
  • US: 9th December
  • Asia and Africa: 4th December
  • AUS and NZ: 30th November

How are these products sustainable?

It’s what we are known for. Our products are made from certified organic cotton, powered by renewable energy and every product is designed to come back to us when it’s worn out - we make new products from the material we recover.

We won the Queen’s Award for Innovation for our work on making the first circular economy for fashion. Learn more about our award-winning sustainability.

Circular fashion? What is Remill?

Remill is a technology and service designed to keep good material in use and flowing. Some people use it as an example of circular economy design in action. Material is recovered and remanufactured into new products.

By creating new products from old ones, the loop is closed and waste is designed out.

All Teemill products are designed to be remade. When items wear out, customers scan a QR code on the label to send them back. In return, they get store credit to spend on the future purchase of a circular economy product. Find out more at https://teemill.com/circular-fashion/.

How should I care for my product?

We recommend a cool wash at 30 and hang drying products, to ensure print and product quality and longevity.

Our products are not suitable for high temperature washing, tumble drying, bleaching or dry-cleaning. Avoid ironing straight onto the printed designs. These methods can cause unwanted shrinkage, the inks to fade, or the prints to crack, flake or peel.

Are there receipts with prices on inside the bag?

No, we don't include invoices within orders as standard (less paper!). Instead, all of the confirmation and dispatch information is sent via email to the purchaser. This means the recipient won't know of any pricing/purchaser information. You can even use the checkout form to have the order dispatched directly to the recipient's address. All of the information needed to return any items if needed is on the packaging.

Find out more about Alina here